Feb 18, 2010

The Maine Edge Criminal Mischief

Bad habits become felonies

BANGOR – A man faces felony charges after being reportedly caught drunk behind the wheel once again.
On Feb. 13 at about 1:11 a.m., Officer Doug Smith was on patrol when he noticed a green Cadillac being driven erratically on Hammond Street. He stopped the vehicle and identified the driver.
Feeling that the driver, Taykir Cummings, 22, of Dixmont, was impaired, Smith administered field sobriety tests. After the completion of the tests, Cummings was arrested for operating under the influence.
Due to his prior driving history, Cummings was charged with two felony driving counts of operating under the influence and aggravated operating after habitual offender revoked. He was additionally charged with violation of bail conditions. He was taken to Penobscot County Jail.

Finder’s fees

ORONO – Carrying around a fake ID is always risky – even more so when you lose your wallet and the police recover it.
On Feb. 13 around 8:45 a.m., a citizen turned over a found wallet to Officer Jason Zalva. He was logging the contents of the wallet into the receipt and he recognized the woman in the license as Kate Weatherbee, 20, of Orono. He noted that the birthday that was currently on the license would make her 21, but the date in the locals and from the Department of Motor Vehicles showed her to be 20. He also noticed several discrepancies on the license that indicated it was fake, including a lack of holograms and incorrect coloration.
Zalva went to Weatherbee’s apartment and when she answered the door and saw the officer holding her wallet she reportedly exclaimed, “You found it!”
He confirmed that the wallet was hers, as was the ID, and when she confirmed that all the contents were intact he informed Weatherbee she would have to sign the property receipt and also sign the summons for possession of a false identification. She told Zalva that she had hoped the police wouldn’t have looked at the license, and that she had never used it anywhere. The license was seized.

Don’t waste beer. Or punch people.

ORONO – A Newport woman was arrested for assault after she allegedly dumped a beer over someone’s head and then proceeded to punch that person in the face.
On Feb. 13, Officers Derek Dinsmore and Ed Leskey responded to a reported assault at a Park Street apartment. When they arrived, they learned that a woman, later identified as Jillian Nealey, 18, of Newport, who was the ex-girlfriend of a neighbor, had arrived at an apartment and was reportedly being rude and ignorant to people there. The tenants had requested she leave since she was causing problems. Nealey ignored this advice and instead allegedly dumped a beer over another woman before she punched her twice in the face. She then reportedly bragged about how she had been in a fight earlier, ran downstairs to another apartment and yelled insults and profanity at the victim out the window. Nealey left the scene prior to the officers’ arrival.
The officers were able to make contact with Nealey and she met them at the station the following day around 9:50 p.m. She told officers that she had been pushed first, but her statements were not corroborated by witnesses, according to police. She was summoned for assault.

Bad company

BANGOR – A man was arrested for violating his bail by having the person he was not supposed to have contact with drive him to the police station.
On Feb. 12, Officer Doug Smith spoke with Liam Dooley of Houlton, who wanted to make a statement about an assault case that had reportedly occurred in December of 2009. Dooley had bail conditions not to have contact with a person involved in that case. It turned out that that very person had driven Dooley to the police station.
He was placed under arrest and charged with violation of conditions of release and taken to Penobscot County Jail.

No. No you shouldn’t

OLD TOWN – A Hudson man knew it was bad news when he was stopped for not having an inspection sticker – because he also didn’t have a license. But he did have a warrant.
Officer Jim Fearon was on patrol on Feb. 11 around 4:12 p.m. when he saw a red Jeep without an inspection sticker and stopped it on Gilman Falls Avenue. When he asked the driver, William Traylor, 28, of Hudson, why he thought he had been stopped, Taylor reportedly replied “Because I shouldn’t be driving.” He explained to Fearon that his license was under suspension.
A license check confirmed this, and Fearon also learned that Taylor had an active warrant for unpaid fines and fees. He was placed under arrest and taken to Penobscot County Jail.

He’s the got ‘B’ in ‘B & E.’ Not so much the ‘E.’

OLD TOWN – An Orono man was summoned for criminal mischief after reportedly breaking the siding on someone’s home that he was trying to enter.
Police were called to a residence on Main Street for a suspected burglary complaint on Feb. 14 around 1:20 a.m. The victim told Officer Ryan Fitch that he and his girlfriend were awakened by someone attempting to enter the house. He saw a man, later identified as Thomas Conley, 21, of Orono, pounding on the door and yelling to be let in. The resident told him to leave, and Conley reportedly replied, “Dude, let me in.” The resident then retrieved a baseball bat and repeated his request for Conley to leave.
Conley went around to the back of the house and began to kick the side of the house, breaking the vinyl siding. The resident told Conley that he had called police, and Conley left, but was apprehended shortly after by Sgt. Scott Casey and Officer Michael Holmes. He was summoned for criminal mischief.
Because of the level of his intoxication, he was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center. The damage to the house was estimated to be around $500.

Hope it was awesome pizza

OLD TOWN – Parking illegally led to a Milford man facing a couple of other charges for additional illegalities.
Sgt. Scott Casey was in the Hannaford Plaza parking lot when he saw a gray Ford pickup parked in the fire lane in front of a pizza place. When he ran the plate it came back to a red Dodge truck. While he was running the information, the passengers returned and began to drive away. Casey stopped the vehicle and spoke to the driver, Andrew LeClair, 25, of Milford, and explained why he stopped them. LeClair told the officer, “I took the plates off that one and placed them on this one so we could get pizza.” He had done the same with the inspection sticker.
He was charged with attaching false plates and displaying a fictitious inspection sticker. The truck was towed. Police had no information regarding the quality or type of pizza that was received.

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