Nov 9, 2010

Police seek to identify theft suspects

Courtesy of Sgt. Paul Edwards of the Bangor Police Department.

(Police are seeking to identify these people, photos courtesy of Bangor Police)

BANGOR – On Nov. 4, Officer Eric Tourtelotte of the Bangor Police Department responded to the Broadway Irving Store to the report of a theft of a wallet.

The Officer learned that a female who was gassing up her truck, left her wallet on the curb as she attempted to fill up a gas can. When she finished, she walked into the store, forgetting that she left her wallet on the curb. When she returned to her truck, she then noticed that the wallet was missing.

The victim was advised to cancel all of her credit cards and within a few minutes, she called back Officer Tourtelotte and told him that multiple purchases at two local stores had already been attempted for several hundreds of dollars.

The following attached photographs are of the three people and the car they were driving involved in this theft. Anyone with information as to the identity of these people is urged to call the Bangor Police Department and ask to speak with Officer Tourtelotte at 947-7382 extension 95759, or extension 6 if you would like to leave an anonymous message on our Tip Line.

(Suspect car)

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