May 5, 2011

The Maine Edge Criminal Mischief

Orrington standoff

ORRINGTON –On April 28, around 8 p.m., Penobscot County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a residence on the Johnson Mill Road for the report of an intoxicated man. Family members reportedly told police that Stephen Nason, 25, no listed permanent address, was intoxicated and being disruptive. They also noted that Nason had bail conditions that precluded him from drinking alcohol.
Sgt. Roy Peary and Dep. Chat Young responded to the residence and found that Nason had left prior to their arrival. They learned that he had damaged the property, allegedly breaking windows before he left. The officers searched the area but were unable to locate Nason.
Around 10 p.m., family members called back and reported that Nason had returned to the residence through the woods and assaulted family members inside. When police responded, Nason had barricaded himself in a back bedroom with a Taser, knives and a collapsible baton. He also allegedly made threats against law enforcement and his own life.
The Special Response Team was deployed, along with the Maine State Police’s Tactical Team and negotiations. Around 6 a.m. on April 29, Nason reportedly surrendered. He was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center to be treated for self-inflicted wounds before he was arrested and charged with two counts of assault, creating a police standoff, violation of conditions of release and criminal mischief.

Not always man’s best friend

EXETER – An area man found himself on the business end of a Great Dane after he reportedly attempted to force his way into a woman’s house last week.
On April 26, around 8:20 p.m., Tprs. Jarod Stedman and Marc Poulin responded to Exeter after a report from a female, who told the troopers that a man had attempted to force his way into her residence. The unidentified man was meant by the woman’s Great Dane, who bit him several times. Troopers noted that there was a considerable amount of blood left at the scene and believed the man was injured. A check of area hospitals did not locate the subject.

How to get a summons ‘to go’

ORONO – Three young men were allegedly caught trying to take a bunch of old restaurant equipment “to go” from a closed restaurant.
On April 26, around 6:24 p.m., Sgt. Scott Lajoie noticed a vehicle parked behind the former Oronoka Restaurant on Route 2. The restaurant has been closed for years, and the owner has made it clear to police that no one has permission to be on the property. Lajoie requested backup from Officer Jason Zalva, and both approached the back of the building, where they could hear voices coming from the kitchen area.
Inside, they found Patrick Keogh, 19, of Orono, Aaron Ricardi, 19, of the University of Maine, and Zachary Bodkin, 18, of Redding, Conn. Police found that Bodkin had an old beer tap and a bottle opener from the bar. Officers also found items from the restaurant located near or inside the vehicle parked out back, including pots and pans and bar memorabilia.
All three were charged with criminal trespass, and Bodkin and Keogh were charged with theft.  Police said the charges may become elevated after review by the district attorney.

Driver attempts to flee; is hospitalized

DEER ISLE – Fleeing from police when allegedly intoxicated can be a dangerous gambit.
On April 29, Tpr. Greg Roy attempted to stop a vehicle near the intersection of Route 15 and Route 15A in Deer Isle when the vehicle turned onto the King Road and began to accelerate. It traveled down the King Road at a high rate of speed for a short distance before the driver lost control and crashed in a wooded area.
The driver, Daniel Morey, 42, of Deer Isle was transported to Blue Hill Hospital where he was treated and later released.
Morey was arrested for operating under the influence, violation of conditions of release and eluding an officer.

Fake sticker trifecta

OLD TOWN - Three people are facing charges for displaying fake inspection stickers in three separate instances.
On April 29, around 9:58 a.m., Officer Lee Miller stopped a vehicle for having an inspection sticker that appeared to be the wrong shade of blue. When he spoke to the driver, Gary Neptune, 42, of Indian Island, he learned that Neptune had reportedly removed the sticker, cut out the “nine” section and placed it in the “three” section before placing it back on the windshield. He was summoned for displaying a fictitious inspection sticker.
Later that day, around 2:35, Miller stopped another car for a similar offense, but when he approached the car, the sticker that wasn’t quite the right color was gone completely.
When he asked the driver, Jessica Williams, 29, of Bradford, for the sticker, she initially handed him a green pack of gum. When he told her that wasn’t what he had seen in her windshield, she handed over an inspection sticker that had initially been yellow, but had been colored in blue. She was also summoned for displaying a fictitious inspection sticker.
On May 1, around 9:31 a.m., Miller stopped a car for another inspection sticker violation. He found that the sticker had expired in February, and additionally the vehicle identification number (VIN) did not match the vehicle that Danielle St. Peter, 26, of Old Town, was driving. Additionally, the license plates did not match the car, and the officer learned that her license was suspended. She was charged with displaying a fictitious inspection sticker, attaching false plates and operating after suspension.

Woman charged with OUI drugs

EAST MACHIAS – A woman is facing charges for allegedly driving under the influence of drugs.
On April 30, Tpr. Staci Carpenter responded to a report of a vehicle operating erratically on Route 1 in East Machias. The vehicle was located at Johnson’s Townline Auto. The driver, Alice Merritt, 43, of Edmunds, was arrested for operating under the influence of drugs.
Merritt was also charged with unlawful possession of scheduled drugs.
Tpr. Jason Fowler also assisted with a DRE evaluation of Merritt.

Junk truck hauling junk truck

ORRINGTON – A Bucksport man is facing multiple charges after using one junk vehicle to haul another junk vehicle.
On April 23 around 1 p.m., Chief Deputy Troy Morton was watching the East Bucksport Road due to a high rate of metal thefts. While stopped, he saw a truck with no front bumper, let alone a front license plate, and no inspection sticker to speak of. The truck was hauling a trailer with a junk truck along with other scrap metal in the back. Morton stopped the truck for the multiple defects.
The driver, Damian Spelas, 26, of Bucksport, reportedly told the deputy “you might as well put the cuffs on me,” according to police. Spelas’ license was under suspension, and he had no registration or insurance on the vehicle. He was cited for numerous traffic violations. The truck and scrap metal did belong to Spelas.

Wallet stolen from vehicle

BLUE HILL – Police are investigating a theft that occurred in Blue Hill over the weekend.
On April 30, Tpr. Tom Pickering received a theft complaint from a woman from Blue Hill who reported that her wallet had been taken from the console of her vehicle while it was parked at the Grange Hall in Blue Hill yesterday. The wallet contained approximately $240 in cash, credit cards and other miscellaneous items.
The woman told police that she had observed a woman hanging around outside the Grange Hall yesterday with a male subject who was operating a white van with a wooden rack on it. Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to call the Maine State Police at 1-800-432-7381 and leave a message for Tpr. Pickering.

Former employee harasses former employer

TREMONT – A Tremont resident was charged after reportedly harassing former employers.
On April 25, Tpr. Greg Roy received a harassment complaint from a woman Tremont who reported that a former employee, Jaslyn Westmoreland, 33, from Tremont, had been harassing her and other employees.
Westmoreland was summoned for disorderly conduct and was warned not to return to the store.

Chickens and fuel tanks stolen

SULLIVAN – Police are investigating odd thefts in Sullivan.
On April 25, Tpr. Jessica Shorey handled a theft complaint in Sullivan where fuel tanks and chickens were reported stolen from a property. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Maine State Police at 866-2121.

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