Jul 13, 2011

The Maine Edge Criminal Mischief

‘Bath salts’ may be behind ruckus and damage in Brewer

BREWER – A Brewer woman is facing charges after allegedly taking “bath salts” and causing mayhem in a nearby apartment.
On July 10, around 10 a.m., Officers Liz Kelly and Ed Benjamin responded to a Harris Street residence where a neighbor was reporting a possible domestic disturbance under way.
When the officers arrived, they found no one in the house. Another incident was called in on South Main Street where the caller told dispatch that a woman had broken into his apartment and locked herself in the bathroom.
The officers arrived to find the woman they had been called to check on in the previous incident outside of an apartment building yelling, she was identified as Katie McAvoy, 29, of Brewer. Police had to restrain her, as she yelled that someone had a gun and was trying to kill her.
The owner of the South Main apartment told police that McAvoy had reportedly broken the radiator in the bathroom and trashed the apartment. The victim also alleged that McAvoy had attempted to attack his wife and nearly bit her, but he was able to restrain her while his wife called 911.
Another homeowner told police that McAvoy had also reportedly been in his residence. He didn’t see her enter, but saw her as she ran out the back door.
Police determined that McAvoy was under the influence of the substance known colloquially as “bath salts.” Though technically legal, these chemicals can cause erratic behavior and according to the Northern New England Poison Control Center, subjects can suffer from a psychotic break if they take too much.
McAvoy was arrested and taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation. She was also charged with violation of release conditions, criminal trespass and criminal mischief.

Another good reason to change your snow tires

EDDINGTON – Snow tires are out of season, and it’s a good idea to change them. Barring that, if you must keep your studded snow tires, we advise against keeping large amounts of drugs in your car.
On July 1, around 9:30, Dep. Daren Mason was working in Eddington when he heard a car coming down the road because it still sported studded snow tires (studded tires are required to be removed on by May 15), and he began following the vehicle to stop it. The car drove into the Tradewinds store and the deputy spoke with the driver, who identified himself with a false name, but was ultimately identified as Jeremy Ward, 33, of Yarmouth, and he could smell the odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle.
One of the passengers, Cherie Anders, 24, of Portland, claimed she had the marijuana and handed over a marijuana cigarette. The deputy informed the occupants that he would be searching the vehicle and asked them to place their hands where he could see them.
Mason saw Ward reach down to his side and pull out a baggie that contained a white substance. Ignoring the deputy’s orders to stop his action, Ward reportedly placed the bag into his mouth and swallowed it. When Mason ordered Ward to spit it out, Ward reportedly opened his mouth and then said, “There, it’s gone.”
Mason called for a rescue unit, since he felt that Ward had just ingested a considerable amount of cocaine, and then asked Ward to step out of the vehicle. Ward instead lunged at the deputy, driving him into the car door, and after a brief struggle Ward fled into the woods.
Mason called for backup, but stayed with the vehicle, which still contained three people.
Multiple agencies, including Brewer Police, Holden Police, the Maine State Police and other Penobscot Sheriff’s Office Deputies arrived. Trooper Seth Edwards and his K9 Boris located Ward hiding in a swampy area approximately a quarter mile away.
A search of the vehicle revealed a large amount of marijuana.
Both Ward and Anders were arrested and taken to Penobscot County Jail. Anders was charged with trafficking marijuana, sale and use of drug paraphernalia and violation of conditions of release. Ward was charged with class C assault on an officer, possession of schedule W drugs, trafficking in marijuana, falsifying physical evidence and failure to give correct name.

That counts as a weapon

BREWER – A man who approached police was ultimately arrested after officers reportedly located contraband on his person.
On July 9, around 12:12 p.m., Officers Ed Benjamin and Kristie Bouchard were approached by a man who appeared agitated, according to police.
The man, who was later identified as Stephen LaCoote, 31, no listed address, claimed that he was being followed, but couldn’t tell the officers who “they” were. He said he had run out of gas and then left on food before finding the officers. Police asked LaCoote if he had any weapons on him and he reportedly replied, “No, just a kitchen knife in my back pocket.” He surrendered the knife to police for safety reasons.
When the officers followed the man to his vehicle, they noticed one of the windows had been smashed out, and he told them that it was broken a few weeks ago. LaCoote gave the officers permission to search the car, and they located a spoon that tested positive for cocaine. He also handed over two syringes from his jacket pocket. He was taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation and charged with unlawful possession of schedule W drugs and sale and use of drug paraphernalia.

Another reason not to pick up hitchhikers

ORONO – Though it’s never a good idea to pick up hitchhikers, it turned out to be quite a bad idea in one Orono man’s case.
On July 2, Sgt. Scott Wilcox and Officer David Silk were in the Orono Police Station when someone began pounding on the back door around 8:40 p.m. They answered the door and spoke with Adam Brooks, 37, of Orono, who told the officers that he had picked up a hitchhiker who refused to get out of his car.
Silk took a cruiser to the Circle K, where Brooks left his vehicle and Wilcox walked back with him. They speak with the other man, who claimed that Brooks had stolen money and a phone from him, but a search of Brooks and the vehicle turn up neither, and Brooks denied taking anything from the man.
While doing criminal history checks on both subjects, police learned that there was an active felony warrant for Brooks out of Florida for failure to redeliver hired or leased property valued at $300 or more. The warrant was apparently extraditable, and Florida authorities would be sending someone to fetch Brooks. He was placed under arrest and taken to Penobscot County Jail to await extradition.

Man escapes serious injury in Deer Isle crash

DEER ISLE – A Jackson man escaped serious injury after his car went out of control on the causeway on Deer Isle.
On July 9, Maine State Police investigated a single vehicle crash on the Deer Isle causeway. Tpr. Greg Mitchell determined that a 68-year-old Jackson man was driving his car north on the causeway when it left the road, striking several rocks. A witness told police that the man’s vehicle flipped several times before coming to rest in the road. Police said that it was miraculous that the car didn’t go into the ocean.
The driver was transported to the Blue Hill Hospital for minor injuries. Police noted that the car came to a rest in nearly the same location that the last fatal crash occurred on the causeway earlier this year.

Reminder: Bail conditions get checked

BREWER – A Bucksport woman is facing charges after police discovered contraband in her purse.
On July 8, around 9:28 a.m., Officer Danny Costain and Sgt. Arden Jones were called to a North Main Street. Employees had told dispatch that a man had been in the rest room for over an hour and they were growing concerned.
When officers arrived, they located the group of people crossing the street and identified them. One woman was identified as Alyssa Fleming, 23, of Bucksport, and police learned she had active bail conditions that included submitting to search without probable cause. She reportedly told police that she had items in her purse that she shouldn’t have. They located Suboxone, two needles – one containing fluid – and a rubber band for a tourniquet. Fleming was placed under arrest, taken to Penobscot County Jail and charged with violation of conditions of release, possession of schedule drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Mother and son have similar response to charges

OLD TOWN – A teen has been banned from the city park in Old Town and is facing charges after allegedly breaking the railings in the gazebo.
On July 8, Officers James Fearon and Josh Loring received the report that juveniles had been kicking the railings on the gazebo in City Park, breaking them. The caller provided a description.
When the officers caught up with the teens, they identified a 17-year-old male from Old Town as the perpetrator and informed him that he would be receiving a criminal summons and a criminal trespass warning not to return to the City Park. When he heard that, the teen reportedly proclaimed, “This is f—king bulls—t.”
Due to his age, police contacted the juvenile’s mother and informed her about the trespass warning and charges facing her son. The mother reportedly opined, “This is f—king bulls—t.” She also informed Loring that she was no longer on speaking terms with him.
The teen began yelling loudly and swearing, at which point police warned him that he would be arrested if the behavior continued. The mother reportedly told police, “You can’t do that,” and demanded to speak with another officer. Sgt. Scott Casey was called to the scene and both the mother and son were warned for disorderly conduct.
The teen’s girlfriend came out of the house, spoke to both parties and was able to calm them down prior to Sgt. Casey’s arrival. Casey issued the summons for criminal mischief to the teen and the mother signed it.

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