Nov 18, 2010

Calling all Warrior Women

John Wills is collecting stories from women in law enforcement

By Katy England
Maine Blues

John Wills is compiling stories from women in law enforcement for an upcoming anthology titled “Women Warriors: Stories from the Thin Blue Line.” Wills is looking for stories written by women in the law enforcement community, whether on the federal, state, county or municipality as well as tales from female dispatchers, chaplains, and prosecutors.
As for the type of story, Wills is looking for stories of all types as long as they're true: tales filled with humor, tragic life or death situations, war stories, strange tales, terrifying ordeals or stories filled with human emotion.
“I deal with training and officer survival and the columns I’ve written have gotten a lot of positive feedback. People like them, particularly women,” he said.
He asks that the length of the stories be capped at no more than 4,000 words with 1,500 to 3,000 being ideal. For a complete submission guidelines visit
“The stories that are going in are going to be of interest for [all] readers,” said Wills. “Not just for law enforcement, but the regular public will get insight into what the women in law enforcement do.”
The book is slated for publication in the summer or fall or 2011. Wills noted that he has received about 20 stories from women warriors around the country, but he’s looking for more.
Wills, a former Chicago police officer and retired FBI agent, has penned three novels and written more than 100 articles for police news sites, including and
If you are a woman warrior or know someone who is, this is a great opportunity to share your stories. For more information visit his website at You can also follow his blog Chicago Warriors.

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