Nov 17, 2010

Hands on learning: When ‘please step out of the vehicle’ doesn’t work

(Trooper Scott Hamilton demonstrates how to remove an non-compliant subject from a vehicle)

This is an ongoing blog where I shadow the 19th BLETP cadets as they take MARCs training at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. To start at the beginning click here.

VASSALBORO – Getting people to move where you want can become complicated quickly, especially when they are already occupying a fairly confined space. Officers of the law come into contact with people in vehicles on a regular basis, and getting someone who isn’t compliant to leave the vehicle takes skill. The cadets learned different techniques to removing someone from a vehicle on Nov. 1.
Though, attempting to remove someone from a vehicle comes with risk. The cadets are taught the importance of being able to let go if the subject attempts to drive away and not to try to go hands-on if the vehicle is in motion.
Cadets also learned how to secure someone who is in custody in a seatbelt without putting themselves at risk.

The rest of the afternoon was spent practicing different scenarios where they had to place a non-compliant person in custody.

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