Jan 1, 2011

Hands-on learning: Finals

This is the final installment of the ongoing blog where I shadowed the 19th BLETP cadets during their defensive tactics MARC course as well as other programs. You can start at the beginning here, or read the feature story as it appeared in The Maine Edge here.

VASSALBORO – In colleges and schools when it’s getting time to graduate that means finals. At the Maine Criminal Justice Academy there are also tests – some written, some very much hands-on.
In the defensive tactics course, the testing was administered in the last couple weeks of class. The cadets had to show that they understood and could apply the techniques and were scored appropriately.

But there was also the practical portion which happened early in December.
The cadets had to engage an instructor in a scenario-based encounter where they had to go hands-on with the subject.

 I’ll only say that both the cadets and the instructors had their work cut out for them.

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