Jan 28, 2011

Update on kerosene, gasoline mix in Gorham

Statement from Little Mart, courtesy of Maine Public Safety

GORHAM - Since the contaminated kerosene was identified on Thursday, Little Mart has taken action to inform the public, pump out contaminated product from customer locations, perform inspections by qualified technicians and provide refunds or replacement fuel to customers.   Upon further review of inventory and delivery records, it has been determined the kerosene product was contaminated at approximately 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 25.  Little Mart personnel placed the kerosene pump out of service approximately 12 noon on Thursday, Jan. 27 once the contamination was realized.  The local fire department was notified at that time and warnings were posted at the Little Mart immediately.  The contaminated kerosene was removed from the storage tank and the tank has been replenished with new kerosene fuel that is safe for use.

The overall volume of contaminated kerosene sold was less than 300 gallons, not 400 gallons as originally estimated.  There were less than 50 purchases of contaminated kerosene between Jan. 25 and Jan 27.   Numerous potential customers have called or visited the store and Little Mart personnel are responding to all of their claims.

Little Mart considers the safety of its customers and the general public as its top priority and will continue working with the local fire department to ensure appropriate actions are taken to resolve this situation.  Little Mart would like to thank the Gorham Fire Department, the State Fire Marshal and the local news media for getting word out to the general public regarding this situation.  Little Mart encourages any customers that may have concerns or questions to contact the store or the Gorham Fire Department.

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